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Residential Window Cleaning

We clean both sides of your glass thoroughly, trim the edges, clean the sills and tracks, removed any bug spots or bird droppings, and leave your windows so clean you have to touch them to see if they are still there! (Call us if you do. We can remove those fingerprints in a snap!)  

Exterior Window Cleaning

We clean the exterior of your windows thoroughly, trim the edges, and clean up any extra water on the sills,  ending up with a complete cleaning. From commercial business fronts to mid-rise buildings, and residential,  we keep this as our standard.

Mid-Rise Window Cleaning

This is what we specialize in.
Our equipment can reach up to 10 stories of windows. We wash the exterior of the glass as usual. We keep safety in mind, and are absolutely insured. There isn't any need to hire a company that goes over the roof if you have 10 stories or less, when you can hire us and we'll get the job done efficiently and much more affordably.
If you would like to request an estimate from us, feel free to do so.  We will be happy to give you a FREE ESTIMATE, and get you scheduled ASAP!
Window Cleaning in Iowa and Missouri is hard work. Residential owners, and business managers alike, experience times when their windows are just not up to the standard needed for a professional, clean image.
Some windows are too high, too tough to clean, and you need a helping hand to make it brighter in your home or business. That is where K-5 Window Cleaning comes in.
We have the tools and the expertise to clean windows up to 10 stories, and with 20 years+ of experience you can count on the job being done right. There is no price-gouging with K-5. We are a family who seeks to serve their community with quality window cleaning service for a reasonable price.

Simply stated, we treat our customers and our staff like family.

The principle we live & operate with, is the way of giving. We give you a top-notch service, for a reasonable price. We are all about SERVICE. You want a reliable service that doesn't gouge you every time you want a cleaning. You also want 100% satisfaction with a window cleaning service. You want a top-notch service that brightens your day, not dampen it with streaks and unprofessional cleaning.

We are genuinely pleased to offer you our family owned, professional service in your area.  Allow us brighten your day!

K-5 Window Cleaning is independently owned and operated. The core services include commercial and residential window cleaning. Additional services may be offered, you just have to ask. Additional services are at the discretion of the owner.